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Author Topic: Yli Saxa (Inactive)  (Read 632 times)

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Yli Saxa (Inactive)
« on: June 11, 2009, 12:48:43 PM »
Name: Yli Saxa
Aliases: Ylisa : Saxa Vlori: They Grey Lady. Genet Dela.
Age: 32
Race: Twi’lek
Gender:  Female
Profession (IC): Spy
Profession (OOC): Melee combatant, Pikeman, Historian, Researcher.
Appearance/Attire: Lightly armoured in black and grey Chitin boots, Bracer and Gloves, Marauder Pants. Flashes of pink in her other clothing. Dark grey Lekku Wrap. Her upper right arm is paler than the rest of her grey skin, as though she is used to wearing something there which has now gone.
Colouring: Silver-hued skin (naturally) with magenta markings and eyes.
Weight: 12 stones.
Personality:  Socially aspirational and will use seduction and or violence as primary methods of getting what she wants. Overtly emotional, though capable or cold reason if it accelerates a personal goal.
Force Sensitivity: Yes, but does not participate in Jediism. Spent many years trying to ignore it.
Current Guild: Vors Crime Family
Significant People in her Story/Network: ((I'll protect the innocent unless they volunteer to be mentioned))

Dareck Felion: "Best damn swindler. er.. tailor in the galaxy!"


5 Galactic Years ago: She was a dancer in Bestine working for a rich imperial. Marries without authorization and is let go. Works first in Bestine cantina, then Coronet, then Theed. She acquires a strange relic from her husband, a decorative  armguard that she always wore.
4 Galactic years ago: Begins to travel. Learns how to fence proficiently, using her dancing background to inform her stances and technique. Learns how to use a pike. Maintains a side career as a dancer to observe and gather sociological information.
3 Galactic years ago: Is approached by a mysterious Jedi. She denies any knowledge or possession of the force, despite his observations and warning. She shuns the life of a combatant.
2 Galactic Years ago: Returns to a career as an entertainer, but as a street performer..  Learns the nalargon to a virtuoso standard.
1 Galactic Year ago: Her husband dies suddenly, and mysteriously. She obsesses over the relic her gave her.
Present:  Returns to a life of combat for, perhaps, dubious reasons. Her relic is stolen from her.

Bestine. Father unknown. Mother, slave.

Arsenal: She carries two knives, one for throwing, one for close combat. She keeps one slung low around her hips on a loose belt, the other tucked into a holster on her boot. She also carries knucklers on her person.

Skills: Melee combat, information gathering, persuasion, meditation.
Attributes: Charisma, intelligence, agility.
Trait: Gesticulates with her hands when she speaks.
Fun Facts: Loves the rain, Smokes Syntharettes. Never eats in front of anyone.

IG Bio:
Y'lisaxa V'lori'ana her Rylothian name, but she has travelled under Galactic Basic variants "Yli Saxa" and "Saxa Vlori”. Her nickname is Grey Lady The Mandalorian folk call her Genet Dela.

   Born into the service of a rich, fat Bestinian, she has never seen Ryloth and can barely speak Ryl. Sold from contract to contract, she dishonoured her last 'owner' through her unauthorised marriage to a Twi'lek cantina bum. She has worked for herself ever since.

   Widowed now of her true love, she embitters her thoughts with memories, seeking solace in the present and futures to come, despite an obsession with the past. She appears aggressive, emotional at times even, though the weight of her glance as it grazes you might suggest an unexpected logic.

   She still dances, though it's a different kind of dance. She appears to be young for her thirty-two years, one of the more redeeming features of her race. Her magenta glance carries an unfortunate propensity to judge.



Stories: ((Will add links soon))

((Alts:   ))

Razlizaya Razmitazz (Deceased) ,
Mirizad Tiam

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Re: Yli Saxa
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2009, 09:56:55 AM »
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Re: Yli Saxa
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Update: Pretty colours, formatting, mentor, other minor misc.

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Re: Yli Saxa
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Bit of an over-haul. Added Dareck's renders.